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Click on these examples to see how Your Photo can be
 manipulated and enhanced to create spectacular artwork. 
You can also see the luxurious painted detail at full size.
Birthday gift ideas from apple fine art
Afterwards view 'Styles & Gallery' where you can see the most popular painting styles and gain inspiration from a range of previous projects OR just buy a painting you like from our stock images. Maybe get ideas for restoring your precious old photos to bring them back to life.
personalized gifts from applefine art
Check out the range of highest quality materials and a guide to the sizes as well as our very reasonable prices in 'Finishes & Prices'.
An alternative to photo restoration Then look through 'How It Works' to get an idea of the whole process from sending photos to viewing work in progress, then receiving your painting.  All from the comfort of your own home, online or by post.

Artwork from photos, gift ideas
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Artwork from photos Click here to register, but you can read why on the 'How it Works' page. When you sign up we send you a summary of our services and insturctions including the best photos to choose. personalized gifts online Click here if you want to download a summary of our service now to print and keep or pass on to someone else as a subtle hint. You also get an order form.
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