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Canvas and watercolours
Photos to canvas
Your canvas prints will be hand stretched over a high quality frame made from laminated European pine to eliminate chances of warping. Corner wedges ensure a perfect stretch for the life of your print (the ink is fade free for over 200 years).
You can have the edge of your canvas finished in the range of options shown here. You can have your picture wrapped around the corner (Gallery Wrap; Option 1). You can have a white (or any colour) edge with a straight line finish (Option 2) or a 'painted' edge (Option 3). Our standard frame is 36mm deep (shown in 1 & 2), although a 19mm option (shown in 3) is available on request.
Photos to watercolour painting
Recommended for watercolours and fine art photos

We can print your image on smooth or tetxtured fine art paper or a 'torchon' paper with a very bumpy surface like watercolour paper. Your print is sent between protective flat sheets ready for you to frame. However, if you want help in getting a quality frame, made to measure and sent directly to your home from we can help. Just ask.

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